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NordPlus partner countries

Friday, 12 February 2016

Safer Internet Day 2016

On 9th February students in Aizkraukle Regional Gymnasium marked Safer Internet Day in the school with various activities focusing on online safety, cyberbullying and using social sites.
Students voted for the most popular sites depending on how often they use them. They enjoyed voting the old-fashioned way because in that way they could immediately see which sites were at the top.

No one was surprised that the top sites in the 7th grade were YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram. Nowadays students use email only occasionally because they choose other channels to connect with their friends. None of them knew LinkedIn, as it is normally used by older people. Also Google Hangouts is not popular with young students, and Snapchat is not used widely in our schoool.

These are the results how students of the 7th grade use social sites.

Students of grades 7-10 watched videos and discussed issues connected with bad behavior online. They also wrote down their own rules how everyone should behave online.

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