NordPlus partner countries

NordPlus partner countries

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Teachers work in Norway

Project meeting that took place in Hjelmeland from 17th to 22st October let the teachers reflect on the previous work done on the project. They analysed the results of the common work and set out the aims for this year.

Teachers watched lessons in Grades 1 and 9, participated in the smart board course that was organised in the school and shared their experience in using different web applications with their students. A lot of new ideas were generated that will be tried out with students.
Teachers agreed on the necessity to involve students in common activities using online communication.

The guests were grateful to the Norwegian teachers for preparing and hosting the meeting in Hjelmeland school which was well-organised and efficient.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

1st graders in Hjelmeland school using work stations

Teachers participating in NordPlus project in Hjelmeland observed a lesson with Siren and Sigrund where little students worked in stations doing Reading, Maths, English, Norwegian and Physical exercise.
Teachers saw that the kids were very good at doing the tasks on the computers. They were organised and excited to show the guests their skills.