NordPlus partner countries

NordPlus partner countries

Apps and tools

Linoit is a great web page for posting sticky notes online. The creator of the board should register and send the link to people who will post on the site. You can post text, pictures, video or attach a file.

PowToon is a cool web application for making animations. You have to sign up to create your animation.

Emaze is a web tool for making online presentations. You can add music and sound, videos, pictures and text to the slides.

JustPasteIt is a tool for creating instant web pages. You can share text, images or links with anyone who knows the unique address of the page.

Kahoot  and Quizizz  both are tools for making quizzes, either for learning or for fun. You have to register to save your quizzes and see the results. Students can do the quiz using any device.

Vocaroo  is an easy online tool for making voice recordings. You can download your recording as an MP3 file, embed it or send it to an email address. You can also get the QR code for your audio.

Canva is a great online tool for making cards, posters and presentations.

Padlet is like a Linoit cousin. It is an online notice board for posting sticky notes.

Bunkr is a nice new tool for making presentations using all kinds of content including images, videos, text, charts, codes, audio and more.

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