NordPlus partner countries

NordPlus partner countries

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reflections of Iceland

Rainers had inspiration and time to create a video about Latvians visiting Akureyri in October 2014.
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Friday, 20 February 2015

Using technology on TV

We got a great opportunity to introduce our project on two different TV channels. First on the 7 a clock news on the  national TV channel RÚV and then an interview with Helena and Arndís Eva about how we can use technology in the classroom and at home to studie. 

A student in the NordPlus group is now writing subtitles in English so we can post them in here. 

Teaching in the University of Akureyri

Helena and Margrét have been guest teachers in two different courses in the University of Akureyri. They have been teaching students, who are studying for Master of Education, how we can use technology in the classrom.

The NordPlus group teaching how to use Kahoot in the classroom

The Nordplus group has been preparing their own Kahoot projects. At first they went to teachers in different grades and asked them in what subjects they would like to try out Kahoot. Then the students went and made Kahoot-games using material from those subjects. When the games the NordPlus students go to the classes and teach both the teachers and the students how to make and how to play the Kahoots.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Gameday in Brekkuskoli

Every year we have a gameday in Brekkuskóli. we meet with different classes and play table cards or participate in some games. This year we made some Kahoot for the 8th and the 3rd grade , and for 2nd and 7th. The older students had played Kahoot before so they were assisting the younger students. All the students who participated in this really enjoyed it.

Students in the 5th grade teaching teachers in Brekkuskoli how to code

In december we had a teacher meeting where some students in the 5th grade were teaching the teachers how to code by using The hour of code website. The teachers were enthusiastic about learning how to code. Some of them even made a Flappy bird game and took the link home so other family members could play their game.