NordPlus partner countries

NordPlus partner countries

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nordplus group from Iceland.

These are the students from Iceland, who are going to welcome you to Akureyri.
We are very excited to meet you. We are planning your visit now, and we're going to do so many fun things together. For an exampel we are going to eat delicious food together and visit some cool places
We hope you'll enjoy your visit here and we can't wait to see you.

- Eygló and Gígja.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Making a video presentation about the needs in the Restitution Self Discipline theory

The whole 7th grade in Brekkuskoli worked in groups making a video presentation. We used the first week of school to learn more about the needs. The groups had to make a script of the video before they got the I-pads to work with.  Before we started to film we all got a course in the application Videostar from girls in the 7th grade. After the groups were done they delivered the videoclip to a group of students who then edited it to one videoclip. Then the students showed it to all the parents and we are also sending it to Canada to Diane Gossen the founder of the program Restitution Self Dicipline. 

Learning how to use Smartbord and Kahoot in Hjelmeland

In the visit to Hjelmeland we got to see how the school is using Smartbord in the classroom.

And we also got to try it ourselves. 
Here is Margret trying some english program with the 2nd grade.

We also learned about a new program called Kahoot.
Here we can se it used in mathematic in the 10th grade.

The visit to Hjelmeland

Using Facetime to communicate.
The students in Brekkuskoli used Facetime to be in the classroom with us in the 7th grade in Hjelmeland.

Afterwards the students could talk in small groups.
The Norwegian students showing the students in Iceland the good weather in Hjelmeland and then the students in Iceland had to show them all the snow in Akureyri. 


Using technology in the classroom in Brekkuskoli

Using live communication to communicate with other schools in Akureyri.
We also used Todaysmeet to write the things that were said if the other schools did not hear it in the broadcast or wanted to use it later that day.

Using Nearpod on the I-pads to learn about the independece of Iceland in the 8th grade.
At first the teacher made a Nearpod assignment then some of of the students also made some to teach other students about different kind of things regarding the history of Jon Sigurdsson.

Programing on the webside