NordPlus partner countries

NordPlus partner countries

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

EduCamp in Eyjafjörður

EduCamp was held in Þelamerkurschool near Akureyri. It is a part of a development project for teachers in the area. Margrét and Helena, teachers from Brekkuskóli were in charge of two parts of the EduCamp this time. One about using QR-codes and another one about using IMovie in the classroom. 

Practicing for The Hour of code week

In the NordPlus lessons today the students tried out the new themes  for the Hour of code week. This year we will have for example Minecraft and Starwars themes. The Hour of code week will take place from 7.- 13. of December. 
We surly hope most of our students can participate. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Visit to the TV station N4

Today the second half of the students in the subject Multimedia in Brekkuskóli visited the Icelandic TV station N4. 
There we were shown around and then the students got some great tips about technical things in producing short films. We will use the next lessons to make short films. The students will work in groups, make storyboards, shoot, edit and in end present their films. We are really looking forward to work on this project 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Students presenting NordPlus in Brekkuskóli

Students in Brekkuskóli preparing a presentation wall for our yearly festival. Every year we have a huge festival with over thousand guests coming to see students shows and presentations. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Working with social science

Working with social studies in the 8th grade in Brekkuskóli. Students had been working with different things involving the earth. Then they got an assignment on Padlet, we put a QR- code on the Padlet so it would take less time to enter it. Then the students draw pictures of the earth, took pictures and put text with the pictures straight to the Padlet. 
At the end of the lesson we practiced the most important things of the lesson by using the norwegian program Kahoot 

Coding in Hjelmeland

Course in how it is possible to use coding in the classroom. The teachers in Hjelmeland were very interested in learning how they could use coding for example in mathematics. We showed them the website because there you can choose between different languages and projects. It's easy for the teacher to create a class and see the progress  for each student. Some of the teachers went straight to their classrooms and tried it out.