NordPlus partner countries

NordPlus partner countries

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Presentation of Akureyri.

Enter the links below to learn more about Akureyri and surroundings.

Made by Katrín and Heba students in the 8th grade in Brekkuskóli with the interactive image 
program Thinglink.

Have fun.

Location of the town
Our school, Brekkuskóli
Old houses in Akureyri
Culture house and more
Shoppingmalls in Akureyri
Schools in Akureyri
Swimmingpools in Akureyri
The duck pool next to our school
Ski resorts in Akureyri
Cinemas in Akureyri
Early festival in August in Akureyri
The forest in Akureyri
The famous Christmas house in Eyjafjörður
Some restaurants in Akureyri
The collages in Akureyri
Sport halls in Akureyri
Some big grocery stores in Akureyri
Islands that belong to Akureyri.
Churches in Akureyri
Fitness centers in Akureyri

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  1. It was really exciting to enjoy your presentations! And yes, I miss Akureyri so much! :)